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Kinda the announcement or…a supplication OTL

I really don’t like such kind of posts, but, however, someday you have to start, right? OTL The real life presses much and much harder, there had arisen a lot of family and financial problems, one of them is a moving to another city, which is being postponed further and further because of the inability to save money.
As you know, I’m working in the restaurant at nights, and it takes a lot of moral and physical effort. It makes me upset, because I would like to have more free time for singing and cosplay, but the life scales outweigh with the work.
So, from now I will be publishing the links to my wallet-accounts, and those who love and care about my covers and cosplay can donate if they want.

♪ 410011497095813 ♪  - Yandex Money
♪ 89174654700 ♪ - QIWI Wallet
♪  5136913548961838 ♪ - MASTERCARD NUMBER

Every donation, even a 1$, will be really helpful.
Thank you in advance OTL


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